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Frequently Asked Questions

Bodywrap Slim

Q. Can I really lose up to 20 inches with the first body wrap?

A. Yes, total inches that is. Our distributors tell us they have experienced even greater loss on some of their clients. Jackie, Top of The World Salon in NC, tells us her clients have lost up to 40" in their first wrap.

Q. How often can I use the body wrap?

A. You may use the body wrap twice a day if you are trying to fit into a dress or just look your best for a special occasion. I suggest once or twice a week as a full time regiment.

Q. How does the bodywrap work?

A. The body wrap solution pulls unwanted toxins from the body which result in inch loss, reduces the appearance of cellulite, diminishes the appearance of stretch marks, and firms skin. We recommend a diet low in fat and sugar for weight loss.

Q. What are toxins, and what causes them to be in our bodies?

A. Toxins are caused by caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, sugar, salt, and other harmful things in our food and atmosphere.

Q. How will I feel after my bodywrap?

A. You will feel relaxed, refreshed; your skin will feel soft.

Q. How long can I stay in the Bodywrap?

A. Stay in the Body Wrap at least one hour. Two hours will result in greater results.

Q. Why do we use stretch wrap instead of elastic bandages?

A. You can, of course, use elastic bandages by diluting the body wrap solution with water and soaking the bandages in the bodywrap solution. We feel that cloth wraps used over and over on different people is not sanitary. We can deliver much greater results by spraying or pouring the solution in our hands and rubbing on the body full strength; then wrap with stretch wrap, which is included in the kit.

Q. What ingredients are in the Body Wrap?

A. We use only the finest natural ingredients in our body wrap; including, but not limited to herbs, minerals, all of the amino acids, which are protein building blocks, and necessary to our bodies, natural seaweed, and a special white clay.

Q. Is the loss from the bodywrap a water loss?

A. No, but we do recommend drinking lots of water on the day of your wrap.

Q. Can men benefit from this bodywrap?

A. Yes, men lose inches from this bodywrap, especially around the middle area. See our testimonials.

Q. Is there a therapeutic value to be gained from the Bodywrap?

A. Many people have reported that by using the bodywrap, and leaving it on overnight; swelling from injuries and arthritis have significantly been reduced. Warts, corns, and cracked skin have diminished and even disappeared. The primary ingredient for therapeutic value is Pascalite. *

Read "More Precious Than Gold" to learn about Pascalite. Pascalite has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to heal or treat any disease.

Q. What is the process for using the body wrap for therapeutic purposes?

A. Rub the body wrap solution into the desired area, wrap with the stretch wrap, but loosely; leave the bodywrap on overnight.

Q. Is the bodywrap solution safe?

A. Yes, the body wrap is made of all natural ingredients; however, it is always wise to do a test patch to make sure you will not have a reaction. If you are under a doctors care, please consult before using the bodywrap as with all other products.

The Body Compactor Body Wrap Kit $49.95
Cleansing Wrap Body Wrap Kit $59.95
Spot Reducer Body Wrap Kit $65.00
Skin Softening Spray Solution $10.99

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