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The Award Winning Body Wrap solutions leave your skin smooth and soft, firm and leaves you feeling refreshed and rested. Best of all, if you are not satisfied with our products for any reason, you may return them for refund.


Lose Inches and Reduce Fat with Salon Body Wraps

Body Wrap Slim leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft, which makes you feel refreshed and relaxed. This is an effective solution for losing inches and reducing fat; we sell the exact same wraps that you can obtain only at high-end salons and spas.  We have been wrapping people in salons for 15 years all across the country with this very wrap. If you have had this experience in a spa, you know this wrap will bring results, and now we bring the wraps to your home, where you are the most comfortable.

Great for both men and women, we are sure our products will please you. We back them by a full refund guarantee. Our clients tell us they have lost inches of stubborn body fat with our new, innovative body wrapping products.

What People Say About Body Wrap Slim: "WOW", I lost two dress sizes and 20 inches and I have kept it off for 6 weeks."

Body wrapping is also an excellent service to add to your salon, spa, tanning business, and medical practice. There is a tremendous profit with body wrapping, because it works. Contact us to learn more about our body wraps or our new professional packages.

You may reduce fat cheeks, firm double chin and improve puffiness.

Apply to arms to remove clogged pores on back of arms and also lose inches and tighten.

Try our wraps risk free for 30 days.


Body Wrapping is also an excellent service to add to your salon, spa, tanning business, and medical practice. There is a tremendous profit with body wrapping. Click on "Contact Info & Biz Op" on the left to learn more about our new Professional Packages.


Bodywrap Slim

The Body Wrap has therapeutic value as well. It has been reported that swelling associated with injury, arthritis, and other unknown causes has subsided.

It has also been reported that warts, corns, and cracked skin has greatly improved and in some cases, disappeared. Please see "testimonials" for more details.

New Packages are available for Salon and Spa and Wholesale Clients

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Read on for our personal Body Wrap Kits



Our Body Wrap Kits can work for you. The Body Compactor Body Wrap is our most popular kit. It consists of an 8 oz bottle of the finest natural ingredients available, made into a body wrap solution, 1000 feet heavy stretch wrap, complete instructions, measuring guide, and measuring tape all in a vinyl carrying bag. The Body Wrap kit is complete, you need nothing additional to complete 8 to 10 wraps. The cost is just $49.95 plus shipping which comes out to be just $5.00 a wrap. The cost of this wrap done in a salon is $75 to $120 for just one wrap. This Body Wrap is a combination of all the body wraps used widely in exclusive salons and spas everywhere. This Body Wrap contains the exact ingredients in: 1. Aloe Wraps 2. Herbal Wraps 3. Mineral Wraps 4. Seaweed Wraps 5. Clay Wraps 6. Skin Softening & Skin ConditioningWraps - These are all combined into one wrap so that you can get the benefits of all of the above listed wraps in one process. The Body Wrap solution is a very pleasant smelling liquid, we don't use messy creams or powders. We wrap with a heavy stretch wrap that is discarded when finished. This method is much easier than using cloth wraps that must be soaked in hot water and then applied over the solution thus requiring a vinyl suit to wear while you are wrapped.

Cloth wraps cannot be washed enough to be sanitary from one client to the next.

The solution is rubbed on the body full strength instead of diluting it (as with cloth wraps) delivering far greater inch losses, better results in tightening skin, reducing cellulite, and firming fatty tissue


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The Body Compactor Body Wrap Kit $49.95

Our Body Wraps are easy to use. They can be done in the privacy of your own home, and you can do it yourself. We also have a kit designed for problem areas called The Spot Reducer. This kit contains 8 oz of body wrap solution, 5 " wide stretch wrap, 4 elastic bandages, instructions, measuring tape, and measuring guide all in a vinyl bag. The Spot Reducer will complete 40 partial body wraps and sells for $65.00.


Spot Reducer Body Wrap Kit $65.00

The Cleansing Wrap is used to eliminate toxins from the body. Ginger is a primary ingredient in this wrap. Ginger is combined into a base of aloe vera, herbs, minerals, and pascalite. This formula acts to cleanse the body as well as remove inches from the fatty areas. This wrap contains 8 oz of the Cleansing solution, stretch wrap, instructions, measuring guide, measuring tape, all in a vinyl bag. The Cleansing Wrap kit sells for $59.95.

If the body wrap is being used for therapeutic reasons, the solution is rubbed on the area full strength, then wrapped loosely with stretch wrap.. Read the "Testimonies" from our customers to learn more about the therapeutic value.


Cleansing Wrap Body Wrap Kit $59.95

We recommend using our Skin Softening Spray with all of wraps. We recommend that you do not use body lotion after wrapping for 3 days, as lotions clog the pores and stop the action of the wraps. In place of lotions, we use the Skin Softening Spray to moisturize the skin and continue the toxin releasing action of the wraps. The Skin Softening Spray contains aloe vera, herbs, and minerals, and sells for $10.99 for an 8 oz bottle.

Skin Softening Spray Solution $10.99

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We are a respected company who has had many years of experience. We ship our body wraps to salons all over the world. We are quite familiar with our products as we use our products every day on our clients at our Body Wrapping Spas in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Each and every batch is tested as it comes from our labs to ensure the best quality control.

This is not a weight loss product, it has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat or heal any disease. We recomment a diet low in fat, sugar, salt and white flour as part of your body wrap treatments.

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